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Menopause test, 4 pcs (urine sample)


The menopaus test is an easy, fast and reliable quick test to determine whether menopause years have started

  • The test measures the level of FSH hormone that rises during menopause.
  • The test sensitivity limit is 25 mIU/ml.
  • CE marked for professional use


A menopause test for urine helps to determine the starting menopause. The onset of menopause is individual, but progresses as a decrease in estrogen hormone production leading to increased secretion of the ovarian-accelerating pituitary hormone, FSH. The onset of menopause is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms in many women, such as hot flushes, irregular menstrual bleeding, insomnia, vaginal dehydration, hair loss, tension, mood swings, short-term difficulties and exhaustion.

The FSH test sensitivity limit is 25 mIU/ml. If menstruation continues to come normally, the first test should be performed during the menstrual bleeding week (days 2-7) and the second test a week later. If there are no regular menstruation, the first test can be done at any time and the second a week later. If both give a positive result, menopause is likely to have started. If only one of the tests gives a positive result, menopause may be about to begin. If both give a negative result, the menstrual cycle in question has been normal in endocrine.

Taking the test

The head marked with the arrows of the test strip shall be dipped in the urine sample at a depth of approximately one centimeter and kept there for 15-20 seconds, lifted off, placed horizontally and the result read after 3 min.

  • Two lines (C and T) is a positive result,
  • c-line negative only.
  • In the absence of a C-line, the test has failed and should be carried out again with a new strip.

If the test indicates an increased value, we recommend that you consult a doctor for a more accurate diagnosis and discuss the initiation of possible medication to prevent the development of osteoporosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and heart disease.

This product is a CE-marked medical device for professional use. The test is equipped with a English user manual. It is important to follow the instructions and interpret them correctly. Tests have not been studied in home use.

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