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Norovirus Rapid Test


Norovirus rapidly test to determine if there is a norovirus infection.

  • CE marked for professional use
  • The test is easy to use and the result is displayed in 15 minutes
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery


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Norovirus Rapid Test: A vital tool for quickly diagnosing norovirus, responsible for symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. This highly contagious virus causes significant outbreaks worldwide, often linked to uncooked foods and poor hygiene practices. The Norovirus Rapid Test is designed for efficient detection, with a focus on preventing the spread through early identification. Perfect for both professional and home use, it offers:

  • Rapid results for quick decision-making
  • Easy to use with clear instructions
  • Suitable for detecting even low levels of the virus
  • Essential for healthcare facilities, schools, and food services

Ensure safety and well-being with this rapid test for virus-based gastrointestinal illness, critical for managing norovirus outbreaks effectively. Stay ahead of infections with fast, reliable testing.

The test kit includes test cartridges individually packaged in hermetically sealed foil bags (including a moisture-leveling silica gel bag), a test documentation system and, for each test, a faeces sample collection tube (including a quick-release hook on the cap) containing the extraction reagent.

This product is a CE-marked medical device for professional use. The test is equipped with a English user manual. It is important to follow the instructions and interpret them correctly. Tests have not been studied in home use.

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