MyDNAPedia Fitness


Do you have goals for your exercise or just training to keep up your good health?

With MyDNAPedia FIT you will get a personal and accurate analysis on genes affecting your training to support your training program

My DNAPedia Fitness is a Finnish product designed to help athletes to focus on right things. Whether you’re aiming for a goal or for exercising to maintain good health. Perhaps your sport is running, gym, soccer or you might have exercise to help control body weight? Whatever your goal is, this product is for you. We are all individually different but with this product it is easy to schedule your exercise that takes into account your genetic background.

  • analysis of your hereditary assets and development areas based on scientific research
  • accurate sample exercises to utilise your strengths and get the most out of your training
  • possibility to utilise the results to create an accurate training program
  • instruction insert is included in package