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Giardia lamblia quick test


Easy and quick test result to find out Giardia lamblia from stool sample

  • Accuracy 97% compared to laboratory tests.
  • CE marked for professional use.



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Giardia lamblia is the is the most common spore in humans that causes severe diarrhea. It parasitize and increases in the small intestine causing malabsorption, weight loss and dehydration. At the acute stage, Giardia lamb causes severe diarrhea disease, but when the disease becomes chronic, the faeces returns to solid. It causes malabsorm, weight loss and dehydration of the body. The disease has become more common in western countries in recent decades and is particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune responses. The disease can also occur asymptomatically.

The product contains:

  • Manual
  • test cartridge
  • a extraction tube in whose bumper the faeces sample is taken with a sample stick attached to the tube cap. The extraction tube also acts as a dispenser to transfer 3 drops of extract to be analysed by the test cartridge.
  • The result is completed in 15 minutes and is based on the immunological identification of the protein contained in giardia lamblia.


This product is CE marked and tested by healthcare professionals. The test is equipped with a English user manual. It is important to follow the instructions and interpret them correctly. The test has not been studied in home use.

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