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Inflammatory value test (SAA, CRP)


A reliable and easy-to-use quick test used by professionals to investigate an acute inflammatory reaction.

  • Sensitivity: SAA 10 mg/l, CRP 10 mg/l
  • Accuracy 98.2%
  • CE marked for professional use
  • Result in 5  minutes.


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High inflammatory levels? This rapid inflammatory test shows an increase in CRP and SAA levels of proteins typical of acute inflammatory reactions. The test shall be carried out on a fingerting blood sample

SAA proteins released into the bloodstream as a result of acute infection act as a rapid marker in detecting inflammation as early as a few hours after the onset of the inflammatory response. Even conventional infections cause an increase in their concentration in a way that often clearly exceeds the observed increase in the concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP).

It has therefore been suggested that in the early stages of arthritis, SAA is a better indicator of disease meanness than CRP.

The concentration of SAA in the blood is associated with the relative amount of fat tissue (Body Mass Index, BMI).

Sensitivity limits

CRP 10 mg/l , SAA 10 mg/l

Taking the test

  1. Do not start testing until all necessary reagents and equipment are room temperature (+ 15-30 °C ).
  2. Make the necessary markings on the bumper tube (if you are testing someone other than yourself) and open the cap.
  3. Test your fingertip blood sample immediately.
  4. Fill the capillary with a sample and empty it into the bumper tube or add 10 μl of the sample to the tube with a micropipette. Close the tube and shake it vigorously for 10 seconds.
  5. Allow the sample tube to stand in peace for 1 min balancing, after which the diluted sample can be analysed immediately or within 8 hours.
  6. Take the test cartridge from its sealed foil pouch on the table and use it for testing within one hour.
  7. Open the sample tube and drop the diluted sample into the bumper with a disposable pipette 3 drops (approx. 120 μl) into both S wells in the test cassette. Start the timer or look at the time on the clock.
  8. Let the colored liquid front proceed in a cassette lying on the table until the background lightens and reddish-brown lines appear.
  9. See the result after 5 min (no more than 10 minutes) after the sample has been added to the S wells and interpret it as follows for both tests (SAA and CRP) separately:
  • TWO LINES (C AND T) = POSITIVE, i.e. the sample contains protein indicating the inflammatory reaction in question (even weak T-line is interpreted as positive)
  • C-LINE ONLY = NEGATIVE, i.e. no sign of an inflammatory reaction
  • MISSING C LINE = VOID; the test has failed for some reason and the result must not be interpreted in any way.

If your inflammatory rate is significantly elevated, you may need antibiotic treatment and it is appropriate to discuss this with your doctor.

This product is CE marked and tested by healthcare professionals. The test is equipped with a Finnish user manual. It is important to follow the instructions and interpret them correctly. Tests have not been studied in home use.

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