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9 substance drug sieve

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The easy-to-use, most sensitive and comprehensive drug screen on the market detects the most commonly used drugs in Finland

  • Tested drug groups (COC/AMP/MET/THC/MTD/MOP/BAR/BZO/TCA)
  • The test should be taken from urine or a drink sample.
  • Accuracy 99.8% compared to laboratory tests.
  • CE marked for professional use
  • Result in five minutes.
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery
  • Optionally for a fee to package automat or post office
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A multi-drug sieve is an easy and quick way to find out if you’ve used any drugs. A drug sieve of 9 substances in urine and drink samples identifies the most common drugs and their derivatives:

  • COC = cocaine, cokeethylene, crack cocaine 3-5 days
  • AMP = amphetamine, phenylethylamine, phentermine, MDA, tryptamine, tyramine 1000ng 5 days
  • MET = ephedrine, ecstasy (MDMA), chloroquine, methamphetamine, phenylamine, metfentermin, procaine, ranitidine 1000ng 3-5 days
  • THC = cannabis (hashish, marijuana) 50ng 5-30 days
  • MTD = methadone (narcotic analgesic) 300ng 2-8 days
  • MOP = pholcodine, heroin, codeine derivatives, levofanol, meperidine, morphine derivatives, nalofin
  • BAR = barbiturates amo-, apro-, buta, pheno, pento, seco, cyclopentpbarbitals, alphenol, butalbital, butetal.
  • BZO = antsame, azepaams, azazates, azolames, diazepams 300ng 5-30 days
  • TCA = tricyclic antidepressants in general: ami- and nortriptyline, nordox seppine, decimi and trimipramine, promazine, doxepine, maprotiline or a high dose of clomipramine or prometazine

To perform a test:

A urine or drink sample is taken e.g. into a disposable cup, the test panel is taken out from sealed foil pouch, the plug protection of the strip ends is removed, the strip heads are dipped in a depth of approximately 1 cm in the sample to be tested and kept in the sample until the reddish, upward-moving absorption front is visible in each strip. The panel is removed from the sample, replace the protective cap and the panel is placed in a horizontal position e.g. table.

  • The test is successful and the result is complete when the strip shows the C-line (control) and the background color of the strip is uniformly light (reddish).
  • If there is no T-line (test line) clearly visible from the background below the C line, the sample has contained a quantity above the sensitivity limit a drug tested by a strip.
  • If both the C and T-lines appear in all nine strips, the sample did not contain any quantities of drugs tested above the given sensitivity limits.

Drug test info

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health – Drug testing in working life

Recommendation on medical drug testing

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