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Extensive drug screen with adulteration

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A drug screen of 15 substances will see if the sample is manipulated.

  • CE marked for professional use
  • Result in five minutes.
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Alltest drug test with adulteration screens 15 drugs and 3 common tests for adulteration attempts: oxidizers(OX)/density (SG)/acidity (pH)

Why it is important to make a adulteration check when drug testing?

Without the right adulteration check, a set of tests that determine whether a sample was altered or substituted can be fooled by an adulterated sample. Drug users have learned the scams for pre-announced drug tests. Thus, e.g. the reliability for personnel or students drug test can be improved by controlling the possible manipulation methods of the urine sample.

With this Extensive drug screen with adulteration check you can find if the sample was diluted or was there anything added to the sample or was the sample even urine?

Urine sample adulteration in drug tests

Urine sample adulteration refers to all ways in which an attempt is made to process the sample in such a way that the test does not reveal misused substances. Common methods include dilution of urine samples (water) or addition of chemicals (toilet cleaners, bleaching chemicals and acids to the sample). These either destroy the compounds in the sample or interfere with the test method). If the urine sample has been manipulated, it should not be examined by any method.

Quick tests of manipulation is based on the immunological identification of a typical structural detail of the compound they are testing (cf. vaccines working principle). Some tests are done to identify only one compound – many a specific group, which includes compounds with a similar detail in their structure. In the latter case, the test detects different compounds with different sensitivity (cut-off). Sensitivity has often been muted so that the test does not find low residue levels due to previous medical use. Many misused compounds disappear from the blood stream in just a few hours, but can be found in a urine sample for several hours after discontinuation of use.

The test detects the following compounds in a urine or drink sample (sensitivity limit in ng/ml brackets):

  1. COC (100 ng/ml) = cocaine, cocaethylene
  2. AMP (300 ng/ml) = amphetamine, phenylethylamine, phentermine, MDA, tryptamine, tyramine
  3. MDMA (300 ng/ml) = ecstasy
  4. MET (300 ng/ml) = methamphetamine, ephedrine, chloroquine, phenylamine, metfentermin, procaine, ranitidine
  5. THC (20 ng/ml) = cannabis (hashish, marijuana)
  6. MTD (300 ng/ml) = methadone (narcotic analgesic)
  7. MPD (300 ng/ml) = methylphenidate
  8. MOP (300 ng/ml) = opiates, pholcodine, heroin, codeine derivatives, levofanol, meperidine, morphine derivatives, nalofinin
  9. BZO (100 ng/ml) = benzodiazepine derivatives: anzaams, azepams, aseptes, azolames, diazepams
  10. PGB (500 ng/ml) = pregabalin
  11. TML (100 ng/ml) = Tramadol
  12. OXY (100 ng/ml) = Oxycodone is a semisynthetic opiate
  13. 7-ACL (100 ng/ml) = 7-aminoclonazepam
  14. FYL (10 ng/ml) = Fentanyl with derivatives, Matrifen patch, Fentanyl, Rapifen, Sufenta, Sufenta Forte, Sufentanil, Ultiva
  15. BUP (5 ng/ml) = detects the use of Subutex and Tegesicin (Buprenorphine). They are the most commonly used opiates among drug users.
  16. and 3 of the most common forms of manipulation of samples oxidizers(OX)/density (SG)/acidity (pH)

How to make a drug and adulteration test

  1. A urine or drink sample is taken e.g. disposable wall
  2. Tear open the drug sieve bag, remove the sieve from the pouch and make the necessary markings
  3. Remove the stopper that protects the strip ends and dip the strip head to a depth of approximately 1 cm in the test sample for 15 seconds,
  4. Lift off the panel and replace the protective cap and place the panel in a horizontal position e.g. table.
  5. Read the result after 5 min and mark each strip separately: + (pos), – (neg), ? X (negligible). The positive result contains only the C line (no T-line).
  6. Compare the manipulation test with the color charts that came with the test: (NORM = normal; ABNORM = abnormal or manipulated)

15 drug screen + Adulteration test is CE marked for professional use.

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