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6-drug test for saliva


Reliable and easy-to-use saliva test for the detection of the most common street drugs

  • Substances/derivatives to be measured: MOP, COC, AMP, MET, BZO, THC
  • CE marked for professional use
  • Result in five minutes.
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery
  • Optionally for a fee to package automat or post office
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A saliva drug test is particularly useful in determining whether a test subject is currently under the influence of drugs. Among other things, the police use drug saliva rate test for traffic control.

Drug saliva testing is easy and fast and can be done in a controlled manner

This drug saliva test shows the presence of amphetamine, methamphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, benzo and morphine/ opiate derivatives in saliva

Test sensitivity:

  • MOP 40 ng/ml – morphine, heroin, codeine or other opiates at higher concentrations
  • COC 20 ng/ml – benzoylegin
  • AMP 50 ng/ml amphetamine
  • MET 50 ng/ml – methamphetamine (ecstasy, ice, crystal))
  • BZO 30 ng/ml – benzodiazepine derivatives. (e.g Diapam and corresponding sedatives)
  • THC 50 ng/ml – marijuana, hash

Taking the test

Remove the plastic plug that protects the tester suction pad and keep the suction pad under the tongue with the lips pressed together around the lower part of the tester.
When the saliva is absorbed from the cushion into the tester, it flushes the reagents from the lower end of the test strips to form a reddish absorption front in the strips.

When the C-line appears on both strips, the tester is removed from the mouth, the stopper is replaced and the tester is allowed to stand horizontally for at least 10 minutes. The result is ready to read when a strong and clear red C-line appears on the test cassette strips

  • The result is negative if all marked drug zones (MOP, COC, AMP, MET, BZO, THC) show even the weak red drug test line (T), there is nothing detectable in saliva compounds belonging to the drug groups.
  • If no (T) line is formed for a drug symbol, the saliva contains a co. drug in the drug group. THE MISSING (T) DRUG LINE IS A POSITIVE RESULT.
  • If the C line is missing, the testing has failed and the results of that strip shall not be interpreted in any way.

Drug test info

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