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12 Substances Drug Sieve

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King of multi-drug tests which detects the most commonly used drugs in Finland

  • Accuracy 99,8% compared to laboratory tests.
  • CE marked for professional use
  • Result in five minutes.
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery
  • Optionally for a fee to package automat or post office
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The Alltest 12 drug screen detects the following compounds when present in the urine or drink sample in the amount shown in the table:

  1. COC (300 ng/ml) = cocaine, cokeethylene
  2. AMP (1000 ng/ml) = amphetamine, phenylethylamine, phentermine, MDA, tryptamine, tyramine
  3. MET (1000 ng/ml) = ephedrine, ecstasy (MDMA), chloroquine, methamphetamine, phenylamine, metfentermin, procaine, ranitidine
  4. THC (50 ng/ml) = cannabis (hashish, marijuana)
  5. MTD (300 ng/ml) = methadone (narcotic analgesic)
  6. MOP (300 ng/ml) = pholcodine, heroin, codeine derivatives, levofanol, meperidine, morphine derivatives, nalofin
  7. BZO (300 ng/ml) = antsames, azepaams, aseptes, azolames, diazepams
  8. TCA (1000 ng/ml) = tricyclic antidepressants in general: ami- and nortriptyline, nordoxepine, decimi and trimipramine, promazine, doxepine, maprotiline or a high dose of clomipramine or prometazine
  9. TRA (100 ng/ml) = TRAMADOL DERIVATIVES: Tradolan Retard, Tramadin, Tramadol, Tramadol Retard, Tramal, Tramal Retard, Trambo, Actavis
  10. OXY (100 ng/ml) = Oxycodone is a semisynthetic opiate
  11. FTY/FYL (20 ng/ml) = Fentanyl with derivatives, Matrifen patch, Fentanyl, Rapifen, Sufenta, Sufenta Forte, Sufentanil, Ultiva
  12. BUP (10 ng/ml) = detects the use of Subutex and Tegesicin (Buprenorphine). They are the most commonly used opiates among drug users.

Conducting a drug test

A urine or drink sample is taken e.g. into a disposable cup, the test panel is taken out from sealed foil pouch, the plug protection of the strip ends is removed, the strip heads are dipped in a depth of approximately 1 cm in the sample to be tested and kept in the sample until the reddish, upward-moving absorption front is visible in each strip. The panel is removed from the sample, replace the protective cap and the panel is placed in a horizontal position e.g. table.

    • The test is successful and the result is complete when the strip shows the C-line (control) and the background color of the strip is uniformly light (reddish).
    • If there is no T-line (test line) clearly visible from the background below the C line, the sample has contained a quantity above the sensitivity limit a drug tested by a strip.
    • If both the C and T-lines appear on all 12 strips, the sample did not contain any quantities of drugs tested above the given sensitivity limits.

12 substance drug screen test is CE marked for professional use.

Drug test info

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