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Amphetamine drug test

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Reliable and easy to use, professionally used dip test strip

  • Accuracy 99,8% compared to laboratory tests.
  • CE marked.
  • Result in five minutes.
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery
  • Optionally for a fee to package automat or post office

This amphetamine rapid test detects the use of amphetamine from a urine sample 3-6 days after their use. The sensitivity of the test strip is 300 ng/ml.

Analytical accuracy

The following compounds are detected when the following compounds are shown in the urine sample (ng/ml) according to the table

Compound name Concentration (ng/ml)
D,L-Amphetamine sulfate 75
L-Amphetamine 10 000
(±) 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine 150
Phentermine 300
Maprotiline 15 000
Methoxyphenamine 2 000
D-Amphetamine 300

Amphetamine test guide

The head of the test strip marked with arrows is immersed in the urine or drink sample to a depth of about one centimeter (the maximum limit is marked on the strip) and held there for 15-20 seconds. Then the strip is lifted off and placed horizontally. The result is read after 5 minutes (no more than 10 minutes).

AMP testiliuskan lukeminen 1

  • Two lines (C and T) are a negative result, i.e. it indicates that there is no amount of amphetamine to be observed in the sample.
  • The C-line alone (i.e. the absence of a T-line) indicates that the sample contains amphetamine.
  • In the absence of a C-line, the test has failed and must not be interpreted in any way.



More about Amphetamine Amphetamine (alpha-methylphenethylamine) is a synthetic drug belonging to stimulants. It is used as a therapeutic drug and it is one of the most common street drugs. It is also used to sharpen punches and free drinks. It is similar in structure to adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones, and many of its effects are similar to those of these hormones. A high single dose causes a strong feeling of well-being, alertness, energy and strength, as well as a decreased appetite. Blood pressure increases and cardiac arrhythmias are common. Hallucinations and paranoia are also typical. The effect lasts 2-4 hours, but from the urine amphetamine is apparent even a few days later.

Drug test info

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