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Nicotine Test COT

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Nicotine test COT reveals whether a person has used tobacco products in the last 4 days.

  • Detects all sources of nicotine: tobacco, snus, chewing gum, patch, steam, etc.
  • Sensitivity 10 ng/ml.
  • Accuracy 99.8%
  • Result in five minutes.
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery
  • Optionally for a fee to post office or parcel machine
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Nicotine test COT detects nicotine use for up to 4 days after the last nicotine exposure. The test measures cotinine (COT), a first-line metabolite of nicotine, in a urine sample. Cotinine measures nicotine use better than the normal nicotine test. COT detects not only tobacco, but also other sources of nicotine with the addition of nicotine such as snus, chewing gum, patches, vapours. The sensitivity of the test is 10 ng/ml.

Nicotine is a toxic alkaloid affecting the functioning of the nervous system, to which non-smokers are also exposed in the smoking community. Nicotine also includes therapy products used to get rid of smoking (chewing gum, nasal sprays, patches).

The plasma concentration of nicotine is halved per hour after use, but 10% is excreted in 24 hours in the urine as a cotine, which can be assided from the urine sample for another 2-3 days after the use of nicotine. The excrement of nicotine in the urine is lower than that of kotinin and varies depending on the pH of the urine, which has no effect on homenin secretion. Thus, Cotinine termination in urine is a more reliable method of monitoring nicotine use than self-determination of nicotine.

Nicotine test COT instructions

  1. The urine sample can be taken at what ever time of the day in a clean container and tested immediately. If necessary, it can also be stored in a refrigerator for 2 days or frozen for a longer period of time, in which case it must first be allowed to warm up to room temperature and mixed well. Any crystals and sediment shall be removed or allowed to settle at the bottom of the container in order to allow testing of clear urine.
  2. Store the dipstics at room temperature and test the fresh urine immediately. Allow the strip, urine specimen, and/or controls to reach room temperature (15-30ºC) prior to testing Tear or cut open the test strip bag and remove the strip.
  3. Hold the end marked with the COT symbol, immerse the end marked with its arrow row up to a centimeter (MAX line must not moisten) in the sample and keep it there until the reddish solution front is absorbed (10-15 seconds).
  4. Lift the strip from the sample, knock off the liquid stuck to the surface of the strip and place the strip horizontally, e.g. in the area. on top of the sample pan or on the table. Check the time on the clock.
  5. Read the result from the test area of the strip after 5 minutes (no longer ≥ after 10 mins), in which case the background should be uniformly light and the C-line clear, and interpret the result as follows:
  • NEGATIVE = no amount of cocaine exceeding the test sensitivity limit when both the T and C lines are displayed. The result is always interpreted as negative when a weak line appears in the T zone.
  • POSITIVE = the sample contains home when the T-line is missing, but the C line is displayed.
  • FAILED (invalid) when the C line is missing. Do another test with a new slate.
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