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Mold test V8


Do you suspect an indoor air problem, mold ruins health, act on time, problems can be corrected.

Developed by the Danish Institute of Technology, the self-mold test is a reliable way to detect the number of mold spores on surfaces indoors.

Mold damage in the building causes health problems. According to the Public Health Institute, up to half a million citizens have been exposed to mold and other microbes at their workplace or at home. The humidity of the buildings and the resulting mold problems are developing slowly and they are difficult to identify.

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This mold test V8 product can be used to identify the causes of indoor air problems in the property. Inadequate ventilation, moisture damage and bugs that thrive in microbial habitats, for example, can cause permanent health damage. From a health point of view, molds cause irritation symptoms in the eyes and mucous membranes, fatigue, headaches and infectious diseases such as ear infections and sinusitis. At worst, the consequence can be bronchial asthma or a mold dust lung. In addition to health symptoms, mold growth and ray fungus can be identified by basement odor, clothing-sticky odor, pungent odor, sweet odor. Although under normal conditions, each condition has a certain amount of bacteria, it is a good idea to find out from time to time if the amount is harmful to health and requires action.

Taking the test

  • The sample is taken from the inner surface of the building at one point with a single press, after which the jar is closed. All spores on the sampling surfaces are growing in the sample. Mold spores are usually found on surfaces that come into contact with indoor or outdoor air.
  • The result of the test will be determined after 4-8 days if the number of mold spores exceeds the recommended values it is necessary to carry out further studies.
  • The sample may be submitted to the laboratory for microbial identification within two weeks of sampling.

More detailed information on moisture damage can be found from many quarters, behind this link and the summary below, for example.

Moisture damage is a common scourge in Finnish homes. In general, the reason is a design error, the use of bad materials and sloppy work. On the other hand, too high humidity in the dwelling can cause the growth of molds. Mold requires moisture to grow. If water and moisture get to places they can’t get away from and don’t dry or ventilate, mold and fungi can start growing as a result of it.

Moisture damage is usually detected visually. Paints, plastic mats and wallpaper come off or parquets darken. Silver-like wing-free sugar larvae live in damp apartments near sewers. It’s omnivorous and also eats mold. Therefore, their abundant occurrence can be a sign of moisture damage. Mold is often felt as a musty odor in the basement. Residents may start to show a symptom of mold.

Home damage studies are specifically aimed at identifying the cause of the damage, as well as the extent, severity and cause. Repairs will not be successful unless the source of the moisture and mold is known and the cause of the fault is found.

Repairing damage without removing the causes that led to them will lead to a rapid recurrence of the problem. The damage points should not only be covered, but the cause of moisture damage and the mold growth it causes must be eliminated. Repair moisture or mold damage immediately. Failure to repair will avenge and multiply the problem.

The mold test V8 can be extended if necessary to a full laboratory study, the product you can find here.



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