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Buprenorphine test

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Reliable and easy-to-use Buprenorphine quick test

Detects the use of Subutex and Temgesic in the first place. 7 days after use.

  • Sensitivity 5 ng
  • Accuracy 99,8% compared to laboratory tests.
  • CE marked for professional use
  • Result in five minutes.
  • Fast and anonymous mail delivery
  • Optionally for a fee to package automat or post office
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Opioids are powerful, analgesic. Buprenorphine is a medicine used in treatment for opiate dependence in detoxification, which acts like opiates and is a common drug in street shopping. Drug use is detectable in a urine sample approximately one week after cessation of use. Subutex and Temgesic are the most commonly used opiates in Finland among Finnish drug users.

BUP Drug Test Manual

The head of the test strip marked with arrows is immersed in the urine or drink sample to a depth of about one centimeter (the maximum limit is marked on the strip) and held there for 15-20 seconds. Then the strip is lifted off and placed horizontally. The result is read after 5 minutes (no more than 10 minutes).

BUP drug test

  • Two lines (C and T) is a negative result, i.e. it indicates that there is no amount of Buprenorphine to be observed in the sample.
  • The C-line alone (i.e. the absence of a T-line) indicates that the sample contains Buprenorphine.
  • In the absence of a C-line, the test has failed and must not be interpreted in any way.


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