WIDE RANGE OF HIGH-QUALITY HEALTH TESTS – for both home and professional use

WIDE RANGE OF HIGH-QUALITY HEALTH TESTS – for both home and professional use

Urinary tract infection test


Test for possible urinary tract infection with a reliable and easy-to-use rapid test and start treatment.

Urinary tract infection can be extremely painful at worst. The need to go to the toilet is getting denser and urinating is painful.

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A urinary tract infection test determines leukocytes, blood, nitrite and protein in the urine sample.

What symptoms does urinary tract infection cause?

In a healthy person, urine is sterile and does not contain microbes. Infections are a disease especially in women, but also in men suffering from prostate hyperplacement. Of course, it’s not uncommon in children either. Urinary tract infection can be very painful at worst, but usually the symptoms can be very weak in the early stages of inflammation. Especially in older individuals, the symptoms of urinary tract infection are difficult to detect. Symptoms vary considerably depending on whether the inflammation is at the lower or upper part of the urinary tract or both. In the first case, when emptying the bladder, there is a feeling of burning or the need to urinate is compelling. Urine can be cloudy and strong smells. If the bladder is also inflamed, the condition is called bladder catarrh (mild but unpleasant bladder inflammation). The symptoms of inflammation of the upper part of the urinary tract may be similar, but in addition, aches in the lower back, fever and chill may occur. In extreme cases, urinary tract infection can even require hospitalization. Drug treatment for inflammation depends on the exact factors and conditions of the disease; antibiotic therapy often helps quickly.

The urinary tract infection test includes:

  • Test iron
  • Comparison color map of the result
  • Sample cup and instructions


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